Friday, June 29, 2007

Stone Bridge featured heavily in the WaterBridge Review

The new issue of the WaterBridge review features a big interview with Haiku Apprentice author and Kiriama Prize Finalist Abigail Friedman, as well as shorter "Around the Rim" roundups of The Astro Boy Essays by Frederik L. Schodt (out next week!), Democracy with a Gun by Fumio Matsuo (out in September), and Travels in the East by Donald Richie (out in September).

Of course, our favorite thing Friedman says in the interview is this:

I found my publisher by word of mouth. Everyone I spoke with in Japan who knew something about the publishing world had good things to say about Stone Bridge Press, and about the publisher, Peter Goodman, in particular.

Book clubs and reading groups take note: it's easy to print out the interview and bring it to your next meeting!