Monday, November 27, 2006

Behind the Scenes of the Anime Encyclopedia 2

Toon Zone interviewed Helen McCarthy and Jonathan Clements, co-authors of the new Anime Encyclopedia 2, for an extensive feature on what's new and what's awesome in this recently released guidebook to end all guidebooks (over 3,000 entries!).

The interview can be read online.

Anime Companion 2 in the Asian Reporter

In the wake of Gilles Poitras' recent (highly successful!) event at Cody's Books, the Asian Reporter features a review of The Anime Companion 2. Oscar Johnson writes that it's a "must-have for fans of anime and manga alike." Not bad at all. See the pdf here (scroll to the last page).

Monday, November 06, 2006

70 Japanese Gestures in the Asian Reporter

70 Japanese Gestures, by Hamiru-aqui, translated by Aileen Chang, was reviewed by Josephine Bridges in the Asian Reporter on October 24th. Read it online as a pdf (page 5).

"An accessible, fascinating, and funny compendium of Japanese body language."

Friday, November 03, 2006

Yakuza Style

In an online companion to the current Men's Vogue, Mark Schilling, author of the Yakuza Movie Book contributes some insightful thoughts in an essay on Seijun Suzuki's far-from-standard films. This is a special addition to David Samuels' story on infiltrating the yakuza (Japanese gangster) underworld in search of the "perfect three-button suit." Includes movie clips!