Friday, December 28, 2007

The Astro Boy Essays in Metropolis and Cultural News

This month, Cultural News and Metropolis both weighed in on Frederik L. Schodt's The Astro Boy Essays: Osamu Tezuka, Mighty Atom, and the Manga/Anime Revolution!

Cultural News:
In a sophisticated take on Tezuka's life and art, Schodt explores Astro Boy's immense cultural impact in Japan and overseas.


Frederik L. Schodt is without doubt the Western world’s leading authority on Japanese manga.
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Friday, December 14, 2007

"Gift books for the otaku on your list"

In the Daily Yomiuri today, Japanamerica author Roland Kelts recommends books by Stone Bridge authors Gilles Poitras and Frederik L. Schodt:

Beyond the ivy walls, you'll find the magic of Frederik Schodt's Manga! Manga!, first published in 1983, but not dated a whit. I met Schodt in San Francisco during my tour, just before his latest book, The Astro Boy Essays--essential and infectious accounts of the life and work of Osamu Tezuka--was released to coincide with the first overseas Tezuka exhibition.

In the same city, I also met Gilles Poitras, author of the Anime Companion series, illustrated guides to the "Japaneseness" of anime and manga that provide children and parents with a deeper appreciation of the cultural traditions embedded in the art.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Frederik L. Schodt on Newsarama

Today, Newsarama features an interview with Frederik L. Schodt about his new book, The Astro Boy Essays. In response to interviewer Chris Arrant's query about Schodt's personal memories of Tezuka-san, Schodt recalls Tezuka's astounding amount of energy:

"I also have many memories of his extraordinary energy. He was always working or doing something, and it was often hard for much younger people to keep up with him. Once, in Florida, we had been working on a documentary, adhering to a typically inhuman schedule. The TV crew, which had flown from Japan, was exhausted, and I actually remember seeing a young man in charge of lighting for an instant fall asleep on his feet on the shoot (I had heard this was possible, but never actually seen it before, so it made a big impression on me).

"When the work was all over and everyone stumbled back to their hotel rooms exhausted, I remember saying goodnight to Tezuka. In the morning, when I met him, he handed me the manga pages he had been working on. It was extraordinary. He hadn't slept, and had completed about fifteen or twenty pages, with panels and balloons with dialog indicated in pencil, main characters penciled and inked, and directions for his assistants back in Japan to fill in the backgrounds. Some people find it hard to believe that Tezuka could do so much of his own work, but I can attest to the fact that he did. In terms of his productivity, he was super-human."

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Brian Camp, Josephine Yun, and Patrick Macias at the New York Anime Festival!!!

Although Stone Bridge Press will not have a booth at the New York Anime Festival this weekend, three of our esteemed authors will be there! Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Brian Camp, co-author of Anime Classics Zettai!,
will be at Kinokuniya Bookstore's booth signing books and will also be at the
Anime & Manga Research Roundtable:
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Saturday, Dec 8
Anime Culture Panel Room
Anime News Network's Mikhail Koulikov moderates an update on the current state of scholarship and academic research into all aspects of anime and manga. This panel will help you identify your own topics to research, introduce you to other scholars in the field, and maybe even help you publish your latest thoughts on why Neon Genesis Evangelion is the most incisive commentary on the current state of Western society ever. Panelists include Brian Camp, co-author of ANIME CLASSICS ZETTAI!, and professors from NYC colleges.

Josephine Yun, author of jrock, ink., will be joining forces with the totally awesome Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour. Come by the Rockstar Taste of Chaos booth on
Saturday December 8th
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Meet Josephine Yun, author of "Jrock, Ink". Buy her book on the 40 most influential and important bands in the JRock scene and pick her brain on who you need to hear next. While you are at it, get an autograph.

Patrick Macias, co-author of Cruising the Anime City and editor of the sweet new magazine Otaku USA, will also be speaking on Saturday:
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Saturday, Dec 8
Manga Panel Room
Join Patrick Macias, the editor of chief of OTAKU USA, as he gabs about the inner workings of the new bi-monthly magazine devoted to anime, manga, gaming, J-Pop, and cosplay. Other contributors to the magazine and special guests will be joining him for jokes, giveaways, and Q&A from you, the readers. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

Frederik L. Schodt in Kansai Time Out and IMAGI

Visit the Imagi Animation Studios website for an extensive interview with Frederik L. Schodt, author of The Astro Boy Essays. Imagi is making the CG-animated theatrical feature film AstroBoy for worldwide release in 2009 by Warner Bros. Pictures and The Weinstein Company, so this was a great chance for everyone to learn a little more about the lovable android! From the Imagi homepage, go to "What's New," and then to the interview.

Also, the gorgeously produced magazine Kansai Time Out features an excerpt from The Astro Boy Essays in its new issue! The cover includes classic Astro Boy imagery of the type featured in The Astro Boy Essays.

Democracy with a Drum

On his "Drums in the Global Village" website, Todd S. Burroughs reviews Democracy with a Gun by Fumio Matsuo, writing that "Matsuo, a longtime American correspondent and former Washington Bureau Chief for the Kyodo News Service, creates a masterful outline of American political and legal history from the point of view of the gun. ...The work is completely thorough."
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