Friday, June 08, 2007

Astro Boy Essays in Publishers Weekly's "The Beat"

After a busy night at MATCHA, Frederik L. Schodt and The Astro Boy Essays appeared this morning on Publishers Weekly's comics blog, The Beat, where Heidi MacDonald calls the book a MUST HAVE! It is available right now at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and will be in wide release in July -- pre-order your copy from Amazon right now!

Also of note, Nicole reviewed
The Astro Boy Essays for the Asian Art Museum's Tezuka blog, writing:

About a quarter of the way through Fred’s new book, I discover precisely what it is that appeals to me and just about everyone else involved in a serious discourse about Tezuka:

To the uninitiated, it can be disturbing to see children’s characters act like their adult counterparts in Russian novels: to be introspective, to agonize, to commit acts of both good and evil, and to even die.