Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Anime Encyclopedia and Midnight Eye Guide to Japanese Film in Skyward!

The August 2007 issue of Skyward, Japan Airlines' in-flight magazine, includes an entire page devoted to "The Modern Silver Screen," David Cozy's review of The Anime Encyclopedia, Revised and Expanded Edition: A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917, by Helen McCarthy and Jonathan Clements, and The Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Film, by Tom Mes and Jasper Sharp. The story isn't available online, so in case you don't happen to be flying JAL this month, here are a few quotes:

On the Anime Encyclopedia:

The Anime Encyclopedia will not disappoint those seeking information about some obscure item: it is bound to be here.

On the Midnight Eye Guide:

With all the best criticism, one is naturally impelled to go beyond it and seek out the work that it takes as its subject. By this criterion, Mes and Sharp's guide succeeds brilliantly: it is hard to imagine anyone reading the book and not going off in search of new Japanese film.