Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Patrick Galloway, Oregon's Preeminent Samurai Film Critic

Film critic and author Patrick Galloway was recently interviewed by Michael Street for the Asian Reporter. The intriguing interview can be found here (scroll down to page 15). Here's an excerpt from the interview with "Oregon's preeminent critic of samurai film":

What was it about samurai films that grabbed your interest so suddenly and completely?

I'd have to say a combination of intellectual sophistication, intense sword action (sometimes elegant, sometimes savage), and a refreshingly frank and cynical approach to political intrigue. Add the occasional Zen aphorism, along with an aesthetic refinement unique to Japanese culture, and you've got an unbeatable formula for a stirring, sublime film experience.

Makes us all the more excited for Patrick Galloway's forthcoming
Asia Shock: Horror and Dark Cinema from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, & Thailand!