Friday, October 27, 2006

Cosplay: Catgirls and Other Critters in the East Bay Express

Cosplay: Catgirls and Other Critters was mentioned in Aneli Ruffus' column the East Bay Express:

Mew who? What's geekier than a Japanese-comics-loving geek? One who wears costumes. "For a complete catgirl costume, you'll definitely want a tail," Gerry Poulos advises in Cosplay, a guide to dressing up as anime cat-girls, new from Berkeley's Stone Bridge Press ($16.95). "Catgirls are cuteness and playfulness personified. They are not cats, but humans with catlike traits." Otaku can learn every step, from wiring ears to blow-drying "fur" to proportioning faces with compass, ruler, and protractor.