Monday, March 20, 2006

Sacred Sanskrit Words reviewed at Online Yoga Magazine

Online Yoga Magazine in Ireland reviews Sacred Sanskrit Words for Yoga, Chant and Meditation:

What are the meanings and etymology of commonly used Sanskrit terms such as Ashram, Bandhas, Karma, or Nadis. Or rarer words like Amrita (a brand of ayurvedic products, but what else?), Kripalu ((the term is used for a style of yoga in the US, but where does it come from?) , or Mukti (as in, Jiva Mukti, but what does it mean?). The answers to these questions are in this small book, which covers 160 common Sanskrit terms used in yoga and meditation. The book also has a section on Chants, which covers most of the classic yoga chants that dedicated students will often have heard without knowing what they mean.

While a number of books on yoga include a glossary, this book goes much farther, and will prove invaluable to serious students of yoga, Indian philosophy, or meditation

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