Friday, March 17, 2006

Publisher Peter Goodman interviewed at Toon Zone

Toon Zone interviews Stone Bridge Press Publisher Peter Goodman about the New York Comic-Con, which Stone Bridge attended, having a big drawing to win 20 books and giving away temporary tattoos that read "Cool Japan" and "I (Heart) Neo Tokyo."

TZ: What did you think of the con?
PG: I thought it was a great con. We had low expectations, having gone to a bunch of these things in the past, but this one was terrific. Lots of media people, lots of professionals in the fan, and that's really what we came to see.

TZ: What was the biggest surprise of the con for you?
PG: The crowds. I had no idea that there would be this many people coming. It bodes well for next year.

TZ: Will you come back next year, and what will you do differently if you do?
PG: Yes, we will come back definitely. You really have to make a splash to stand out, so we'd probably have some more fancy giveaways, and I think we'd try to get some more media interviews and participate in some of the panels.

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