Wednesday, April 30, 2008

McCarthy and Sharp at the Barbican and Beyond

The Anime Encyclopedia co-author Helen McCarthy is as busy as ever. Upcoming events include:

May 3: Kihachiro Kawamoto films at the Barbican Cinema in London. McCarthy will be joined by Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Film co-author (and Barbican Senior Curator) Jasper Sharp to discuss Kawamoto's work before the third program at 4:15 p.m. (more info...)

May 11: Bristol International Comic Expo. McCarthy leads a panel on Osamu Tezuka's impact on the anime and manga industries. (more info...)

May 31-June 1: McCarthy at A-Kon in Dallas, Texas.

September 11-16: McCarthy curates a film season at the Barbican Cinema devoted to Osamu Tezuka to mark the 80th anniversary of his birth. Screenings will include titles previously unseen in Britain. A further short season in Spring 2009 will continue the celebration.