Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Donald Richie Book Previewed in the WaterBridge Review

The latest issue of the WaterBridge Review, an online magazine run by the same great folks behind the Kiriyama Prize, features a review of Travels in the East, a remarkable new collection of travel essays by Donald Richie, coming this December from Stone Bridge Press (don't forget, Richie's new A Tractate on Japanese Aesthetics is out now!). James D. Rosenthal writes about Travels in the East:

Fortunately for us, Richie has not limited his attention to Japan. He has also been an inveterate traveler around the rest of Asia and beyond. Travels in the East, his latest slender volume, includes several essays and articles on his various destinations over the past 10 years. This is not a guidebook, though Richie's descriptions of what he sees and hears are eminently perceptive and useful to any traveler. Rather, his writings focus on the travel experience per se—the atmosphere, the overall "feeling" of a place, and above all how it affects him personally and inwardly. His unusual insight offers the reader a new and different perspective on what it means to be a traveler.
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