Friday, May 18, 2007

Stone Bridge Press in Publishers Weekly

With our biggest season yet on the way in Fall 2007, Stone Bridge Press is delighted to share Calvin Reid's recent article in Publishers Weekly on this exciting expansion!

Read the whole thing here.

Reid is especially looking forward to The Astro Boy Essays by Frederik L. Schodt. He notes that Stone Bridge's "big book of the year will be The Astro Boy Essays, an examination of the life and work of the late manga and anime master Osamu Tezuka by manga and anime expert Frederik L. Schodt. The book will be published to coincide with “Tezuka: The Marvel of Manga,” an exhibition on Tezuka's manga legacy opening at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum in June. Stonebridge will also join publishers Viz, Vertical, Tokyopop and Dark Horse to supply manga titles to the exhibition's reading room, the Manga Lounge."

In the article, Stone Bridge Press founder and publisher Peter Goodman weighs in on the press' expansion into books about China:

“We're committed to offering detailed information on Japanese culture,” said Goodman, “and we want to do the same things for China. The acquisition by Yohan has helped us in many ways. It's been a good relationship.”