Friday, March 16, 2007

Asia Shock and Divining the Asian Zodiac in Midwest Book Review

Asia Shock by Patrick Galloway receives a glowing review in the Midwest Book Review's March 2007 "Library Bookwatch":

Written by multinational traveler and lifelong student of Asian film culture and philosophy Patrick Galloway, Asia Shock: Horror and Dark Cinema from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Thailand is a movie buff's guide to the horror and shock cinema of the far east. Asia Shock is not a comprehensive encyclopedia of all films in the genre, but rather a "reviewer's choice" of top shocking picks, some with in-depth reviews and some with capsule reviews, nearly all with extensive notes on unique cultural paradigms, viewing tips, and genre considerations. Focusing on over 50 critical and fan-favorite gory, chilling, and startling Asian horror movies, Asia Shock is the connoisseur's definitive guide to the classics of this pop-culture genre.

Divining the Asian Zodiac by Fumio Shiozawa is featured in the Midwest Book Review's March 2007 "Wisconsin Bookwatch":

A gifted illustrator and expert art director, Fumio Shiozawa's Divining the Asian Zodiac: Ancient Guide to Life And Love" is a full-color, in-depth exploration of Asian astrology that includes the use of horoscopes, personality profiles, compatibility charts, and Zodiac animal fables. Based on the work of ancient astrologers who invented the Asian zodiac because they held that each human being has a destiny that guides th way we feel and act, this metaphysical divination system sought to explain the influence of birth years in the forms of animals and their related folklore. Through the pages of "Divining The Asian Zodiac", Shiozawa seeks to aid his readers in discovering their own paths into the future. A unique and inherently beautiful work of text and image, "Divining the Asian Zodiac" is an enthusiastically recommended addition to Metaphysical Studies reading lists and Astrology reference collection.