Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Asia Shock in Book News

The February 2007 issue of Reference and Research Book News, a quarterly publication, includes the following review of Asia Shock by Patrick Galloway. Perhaps Stone Bridge Press will now be known as the "typically enthusiastic" press. Fine with us!

The author defines “dark cinema” as “a meta-genre that embraces the macabre and disturbing, shocking and profane, dire and devastating extremes of the contemporary film experience,” thus encompassing horror, exploitation film, black comedy, psychological thrillers, and even some types of police procedurals and art house fare. In this work he takes the reader on a tour of 41 of his favorite examples of dark cinema from Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand, describing them in synopsis and offering his own typically enthusiastic judgments.

See a pdf of the issue here, on page 277.