Friday, January 12, 2007

Galloway in the Chron

A big story by Pam Grady on Patrick Galloway, author of Asia Shock: Horror and Dark Cinema From Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Thailand, appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday. The feature, which has been blogged like mad by sites such as Comic Book Web, Kung Fu News, and SF360, includes discussion of big issues:

Galloway recognizes that the differences go beyond Hollywood's instinct to oversimplify, but points to a larger dichotomy. "I'm trying to find out, for one reason, why the Asian dark film is so much darker, and you've got to start with the age of the culture, with the spiritual underpinnings of the culture, folklore and just your typical anthropological considerations of a given culture," he says.

Don't forget to check out Galloway's own blog and website.