Monday, May 15, 2006

Becoming Buddha reviewed in New Age Retailer

The Trade Show Issue 2006 from New Age Retailer has reviewed Becoming Buddha: The Story of Siddhartha:

Becoming Buddha is a wonderful rendition of the Buddha's life. Whitney Stewart tells the story of Gautama Buddha's rich beginings and being raised as a prince; his astonishment at learning that the world contains suffering; and his desire and struggle to attain enlightenment. The exquisite, boldly colored illustrations framed in elegant gold and black enhance the text and make Becoming Buddha a joy to read for both young ones and adults.

A foreword by the
Dalai Lama introduces the tale, and the book ends with his suggestions on how readers can meditate. The 11.25-by-8.5-inch Becoming Buddha is unusual in its format, with the binding at the top of the pages. The stunning cover art will make a very attractive front-facing display in your children's section and your spirituality area.

Susan LosCalzo
Lofty Notions
Rutherford, NC

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