Friday, June 10, 2005

Tokyo Story is #1 in Halliwell's Top 1000 for film

The Times reports that the new Halliwell's Top 1000 lists the film Tokyo Story at the very top. James Christopher writes, "But the arrival of Halliwell’s Top 1000 films 'in order of merit' has confounded the expectations of the most ardent fan... I wonder how many pub pundits would have earmarked Tokyo Story as the greatest film? Halliwell's bold and dramatic decision to nominate this 'obscure' classic by the Japanese maestro Yasujiro Ozu flies in the face of conventional — or contemporary — wisdom. It's a spectacular victory for those of us who believe that less is more. The film is as bare as one of Aesop's Fables. It sits at the top of the pile, as inscrutable and compelling as a three-line haiku."

Another article in The Times adds that "We can only pray that the film's newfound fame does not lead it to harm. A Hollywood remake starring Britney Spears and Ben Stiller under the title of Honey, I Alienated the Kids would simply be too much to bear."

Stone Bridge Press is the publisher of Tokyo Story: The Ozu/Noda Screenplay by Yasujiro Ozu and Kogo Noda and translated by Donald Richie and Eric Klestadt with new introduction by Donald Richie. The title is the current prize for SBP's Win This Book.

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