Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Native American in the Land of the Shogun reviewed in International Journal of Maritime History

International Journal of Maritime History: "Native American in the Land of the Shogun is superbly researched. Schodt has done exhaustive work in archives in the United States, Canada, and Japan, has visited most of the important historical sites, some twice, and has subjected earlier scholarship on MacDonald to relentless and careful anaylysis. If readers find the narrative structure a bit discursive, they will be rewarded with well-written and knowledgeable introductions to a range of topics such as the history of whaling, Chinook royalty, Anglo-Indian marriage, the fur trade, and so on. In addition, they will be treated to memorable and sharply etched portraits of wild frontiersmen, powerful chiefs, wily traders, and refined samurai. This is a thoughtful, well-written and fascinating work that will appeal to readers interested in Japanese, American and Pacific history and in global cultural encounter."

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